5 Best Paid Apps Which Are On Sale At Google Play Store!

Google Play store is the treasure of apps for Android platform from where we can install any app we love to have on our Android phones or tablets. As you must know, it has both paid and free apps to download and install but you will be amazed to know that there are certain paid apps that you may install for free via Google Play Store.

Best Paid Apps

It is therefore high time to grab ‘em and enjoy the fun for free. We are writing about 5 such apps for which you can avail the benefits of sale on Google Play Store and you no longer need to visit third-party stores like GET APK. Continue reading

A Complete Guide to do Business on WhatsApp

After it’s phenomenal presence on the global community of messaging app, WhatsApp is now targeting businesses walking in the footsteps of Facebook’s workplace. WhatsApp has recently introduced its new Android application as ‘WhatsApp Business’after its buzzing success on the social front. WhatsApp initially was intended to replace the SMS services by providing the most convenient and affordable exchange of text and media but who knew that the journey would be so long.

To improve the business experience (especially for small businesses) and to help them in growing their business prospects, WhatsApp Inc., launched its WhatsApp Business App for Android users. Using WhatsApp Business, entrepreneurs are highly equipped with intra-communication app facilitating ease in nurturing customer relationship and solving their queries in a quick, easy and efficient way. Currently, WhatsApp Business is available on Google play store in India, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, U.K and U.S, however, this’s just the beginning, the app may soon hit the stores in the rest of the world in the coming days. If you’re using YoWhatsApp apk to share this social platform, you need to wait a little bit more for WhatsApp Business mod Apk. So, Let’s get to know everything in this piece about WhatsApp Business app and how it can be used for the betterment of the business.

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Ways to Download an App that isn’t Available on Google Play Store

Google play store, as we all know, is the ultimate destination to get your favorite apps and games. However, at few instances, we need to install certain apps that are not available in the play store. Google play store has many free apps that fascinate us but it still lacks a lot of apps that are needed. If you too are looking for the way to download and install apps that aren’t available on play store, you’re reading absolutely correct page.

We’re here going to tell you about side loaded apps along with the steps to download them. Google play store is not an end. There’re many alternatives and third-party app stores like Appvn that offer you those apps, that’s denied by Google’s app store. Before we get to know the process to download third-party apps or side loaded apps, let’s have a quick introduction about them.

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Reasons Why Looks Does Not Matter In a Relationship!

Do looks matter in a relationship? Or do looks matter more than personality? The answer to this varies from person to person. Of course, we cannot deny the fact that first attraction occurs with the looks and lovely looks with dashing personality catches the eye of every person. But do looks really matter in a relationship or do you think only looks matter in a relationship; it is seen mostly that women usually get attracted to man’s character and men to women’s looks. Guy and girl also get attracted to each other with their astonishing Cheesy Pick Up Lines which are efficient to create a desire of knowing each other more. According to the researches, it has been proved that the character overrides the looks. As discussed above that looks matter but to an extent.

If both of the couples are attractive and make a pair, it is the obvious thing but when a beautiful pair with an average, do you think that is it a bad decision or ugly pair? To counter all the points lets discuss below some of the points which would prove that does look really matter in a relationship. The points giving the judgment of do looks matter or not are as follows:

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Control Your Smart Devices with These Best Remote Control Apps!

With the boom of technical advancement, we have reached to heights in almost all our endeavors. An example of this is a multitude of apps that spin off your android into a remote control for many sources like that of TV, PC and other smart devices or appliances. These act as the best remote control apps. Now there are a lot of best remote control apps for android available which are free remote control application and can say best all in one remote.

These apps are functional in almost all the android devices and belong to various categories like that of tv remote app for android, best IR remote app etc. Here we provide you with the list of top remote control apps; therefore check out what proves best remote app for you. Best universal remote app for Android is as follows:

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Reasons Why Women Like Men with Beard!

From earlier times beards were considered as the symbol of manliness, power, fearless, attractiveness etc. Do girls like beards? This is the common question which almost all men would have some or the other time in their mind. The researches have revealed that guys with beards look much attractive and sexy. Are beards attractive? Too many girls think it is but it’s obvious that the choice varies from person to person. Men become more cautious about their looks when it comes to a relationship.

They think of every perspective regarding their looks like do women like beards or not, mustaches or not, which type hair etc. But have you ever thought of why do women like beards or what is beard attractiveness? Let’s check out what are the assumptions behind clean shaven vs beard attractiveness or why women love beards.

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Best Wedding Planner Apps to Make Your Special Day More Memorable!

Technology has reached to heights and it would be no surprise if we say that they are also wedding planning application available. With the help of these best wedding planner apps, you can turn your vision or dream that you have seen regarding your marriage into reality. These apps facilitate you with the best wedding planner or professionals who are experts in making the arrangement for your big day a special one. You can easily make use of these apps in your android device.

Hence, if you wanna enjoy your or your dear one’s wedding stress-free, the best wedding planner apps for Android will easily serve your purpose.As you know wedding planning is a time-consuming task and to accomplish it without any flaws is quite challenging.

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