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The best tip we ever received! Nipper

14 March 2010

One of the weddings that my husband and I decorated was for a very sweet young woman who’s sister’s wedding we had decorated a couple of years before.  Unlike her sister she had a very small budget and was going to be married in a town quite a ways away requiring us to travel.  We were honored that she wanted us for her wedding but the small (almost nonexistant) budget and the out of town location made it difficult for us to say yes.  However it was now a family tradition that we should be a part of their weddings.  With a full heart but empty pockets we agreed.  The celebrations were to be in the gardens of a beautiful bed and breakfast up the coast.  When we started setting up we noticed an adorable orange kitten roaming the grounds being very friendly and generally wanting to be picked up and loved.  We were happy to oblige and with kitten on our shoulders we set up all the tables and decorations.  We assumed he belonged to the establishment and when the time came for us to disappear during the nuptials we set him down and assumed that he would go back to his home and dinner in the bed and breakfast.  Quite late that evening we came back to break down all the decor and then make the lengthy trip back home.  The little orange kitten was still on the grounds but now much more emphatic in his meowing.  We got it that he was hungry and in need of help.  We inquired at the desk and were told that he had just appeared earlier that day and that they could not take him.  We knocked on all the doors in the neighborhood with the same result.  Meanwhile he was nearly frantic in his need of food.  We already had 3 cats at home so we thought why not add one more to our family.  We packed the van with all of our pretty things and one very dear hungry kitten.  Needless to say we stopped at the grocery store first and the gas station second.  He absolutely devoured his food and then climbed up onto my shoulder and nestled into my hair for a long catnap.  At home we had an old crotchety cat whom we loved dearly but were afraid to introduce to the new kitten as he was likely to try to attack him.  Before we could set anything up our new kitten tore off and pounced on Scamp and started happily playing with him like he was his long lost friend.  Scamp had no choice and was playing before he could decide to be grumpy.  They have become fast friends, playing and sleeping together with the result that Scamp has become friendlier and younger.  We named our new orange kitten Nipper because he found us in Nipomo and definitely added a bit of a nip in Scamp’s life.   He also helped lead us to the next chapter in our life with cats which I will write about a bit later.  Just to tease you Nipper and Scamp have a few more playmates!

Meet Nipper…

Nipper and Scamp  

Full tummy, life is good…

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