cat naps

The holidays have just gone to the cats I tell ya!

4 January 2011

What the holidays looked like at our house..

Between jobs there was lots of hanging out with the kitties,

Watching movies (Nanny McPhee II)

Trying to get a bit or work done on the computer (with lots of feline help).

Of course the kitties had to have turkey too…  on the good china, it is Christmas after all…

“Yummmmm…..  gobble, gobble”

“Mine… all mine”                                               “hey he got more than I did!”

Turkey, gravy and stuffing (Looks a lot like kibble I know).

“Boy you would think this place could spring for a few more plates…”

“Is there any more?  I still have a few nooks and crannies that need filling…”

“Gotta wash up now”

“Get behind the ears”

“and between the toes…”

“Did someone say more turkey?!…”

Full tummy!

“That was so good…  so good…”

“Yummy, yummy….”

“so good, so good…”

” I mean that was GREAT!”

Nap time

Flat Top fell asleep while cleaning his belly!!

Our holidays were just purrfect, hope yours were too.

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The Lucky Few

A typical evening at our house

9 July 2010
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Hello everyone, I am busy with two very fun events at the moment, a vintage styled wedding and a mermaid themed birthday party!  I will show you lots of pics when I am done but for know the image below of a typical evening at our house when not in event mode.

Puddy Tats and Potter…   how wonderful!

Life is puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrfect!

cat tales… cat naps

8 June 2010
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I love to watch the many ways our cats sleep.

There is nothing more sweet that a sleeping kitty.  However I do wonder how they manage to get any zzzzzzs in some of the strange positions they get into.

This just makes my back hurt!

I kept waiting for him to turn blue, but he stayed orange…

I am not sure if he is sleeping or paying homage to the kibble god.

I have heard of feather pillows but fur pillows?

Wishing you lots of sweet dreams no mater where or how you sleep, but I do hope you have someone dear to cuddle with!