The Practical Magic… Looking Glass Trip

25 September 2010

For you my little witches…  A Practical Magic inspired  story…

Aunt Louise and Aunt Thelma are enjoying an afternoon of chocolate cake and goodies after spending the day working on their spells.

Conjuring is such thirsty work don’t you agree?

While they’re enjoying themselves let’s take a look inside their workshop…

It looks like they’re cooking up something fun…  lets take a closer look.

Aahh yes… a tincture of Bella Donna…

To be placed in the tiny vials.  Just the thing to help one get a little “shut eye” .

But what’s this?  Well it looks like they’re brewing up a few heavenly concoctions as well…  Crystalized Amber to be turned into the most delicious perfume…

Anise pods for another wonderful tincture…

Rose petals to make a lovely water for toning your skin…  maybe that’s why the Aunts don’t age?

Powdered Sandalwood for incense, that’s a bit of Bella Donna laying on the table just behind…

Bits and bobs for other goodies…  Sage and Ecanacia, lovely teas for the tummy and immune system.

Quail eggs, Dove and Eagle feathers,  you just never know what you will find…

What a magical place… loads of drying herbs and flowers…

Bunches of Sage and a jug of Lavender oil

As much as the Aunts are enjoying themselves…

They are thinking of wonderful far off places…

“Let’s pack our bags and go for a bit of fun…”

“Light the sage…  oooohhh see it’s working…”

The guardian at the gate watches…

“Are we ready?”

“Quick Louise look through the magic looking glass, do you see where we want to go?”

“Oh yes… there it is…”


“Only, something’s different…”

“We have wings!!!”

“Louise, look at your eyes!”

“Thelma, your hair!”

“Did you know this would happen?  I think our instincts are getting a little rusty.  Maybe we can find a physic work shop while we’re here.”

“However I do love these wings!”

“Shall we go for a stroll?”  “Oh do, lets”

“Tea time, not quite as good as midnight margaritas but much easier on the head!”

“So thoughtful of you Thelma to pack the china”

“Shall we go to another magical place?”

“What do you see Louise?”

“Oh that looks lovely over there…”

“Oh I completely agree…  Lets go!”

“After all our own home is beautiful and magical!”

“Just us, these two old bitties living in this big house with all these cats”

“It’s good to be home!”

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Bohemian? or what

18 June 2010
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I am such a mix of styles and tastes.  I love layers of beautiful things, the more layers the better.  I adore lace and velvets, tapestries, fringe and anything gypsiesque.  I have always loved Stevie Nicks’ style.  Bohemian definitely suites me.  However I also love Victorian, shabby chic and anything vintage.  This applies to both my clothing as well as my home (even my car!  I will show you pictures of the Purple Morris at another time).  I have often felt slightly schizophrenic in all the different things I love,

I love everything about this picture, the clothes, the chair and especially the setting.

I adore everything about this picture, the fabrics are divine, her dress and hair are so romantic!

Corsets are wonderful, love them with a pair of jeans

This jacket is lovely

I am drooling right now, sooooo beautiful!

Well if I am crazy then I am in great company.  This fabulous woman below is Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl.  Whenever I am feeling doubtful of my style or insecure of my rather unorthodox ways I go to her web site and am reminded of what a beautiful free spirit looks like.  She started as a designer of handbags and has now developed an entire line of clothes and furniture.  She is an amazing talent with an enormous heart!  I admire her greatly and I strongly suggest you have a look at her web site.  Her art is so luscious, layers upon layers of beauty.  I have to say I have never encountered a more down to earth person, deeply grateful for all that she is blessed with.  She is a huge inspiration for me.

I love how she mixes elegant items like velvet, jewels and tapestries with more Victorian romantic items like lace.  That is one of her gorgeous bags on the left.

She uses anything beautiful even if it has rips in it.  Imperfections do not matter to her, they actually make something even more lovely.  I will hold my rambling to fashion for know but I will leave you with a picture of an incredible Magnolia Pearl couch.  More on home fashions later…