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Saris, India & color!

28 February 2010
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Saris amaze and delight me.  Their colors and patterns are endless yet all express unfettered happiness.  Most Indian women, even the very poorest working in the fields, wear them .  No drab khakis or blue jeans for laboring but instead sunshine yellow, cheery pinks and fuchsia, vibrant reds, turquoise blues and teal greens.  Most of these beautiful creations have incredible detail woven into the fabric.  Some are shot through with metallic thread and some have elaborate embroidery.

I have recently been helping some friends open their Indian store in Santa Barbara and have had the tremendous pleasure of playing with all their gorgeous merchandise.  I am continually struck by how beautiful even the most simple items are.  Everything is embellished and most everything is created in a riot of colors.  Every little thing seems to celebrate life!  The senses are under a constant barrage of beauty, whether it’s your eyes delighting in all the color and patterns or your nose taking in the aroma of pungent incense and spices that your taste buds are also savoring.  Even the music has an incessant celebratory beat.

I have a couple of books that express well the vibrant sights and art that is India.

“Rajasthan” by Pauline van Lynden

Above: An Indian wedding                   The women wear stacks and stacks of bangles!

Sari detail

Always the clothes are a mixture of beautiful colors,

no mater what they are doing.

Another great book “India in word and Image” by Eric Meola

Beautiful architectural detail!                           An entirely blue city!   Jodhpur

Working in a sari

I never tire of looking through these books, they are wonderful!

I also know I will never tire of beautiful saris…  I hope my friends need my help at their store often.