The best tip we ever received! Nipper

One of the weddings that my husband and I decorated was for a very sweet young woman who’s sister’s wedding we had decorated a couple of years before. Unlike her sister she had a very small budget and was going to be married in a town quite a ways away requiring us to travel. We were honored that she wanted us for her wedding but the small (almost nonexistant) budget and the out of town location made it difficult for us to say yes. However it was now a family tradition that we should be a part of their weddings. With a full heart but empty pockets we agreed. The celebrations were to be in the gardens of a beautiful bed and breakfast up the coast. When we started setting up we noticed an adorable orange kitten roaming the grounds being very friendly and generally wanting to be picked up and loved. We were happy to oblige and with kitten on our shoulders we set up all the tables and decorations. We assumed he belonged to the establishment and when the time came for us to disappear during the nuptials we set him down and assumed that he would go back to his home and dinner in the bed and breakfast. Continue reading

Our lovely, eclectic, scitzophrenic, stuffed home

I always love to look at beautiful home decorating sites. Places like Vintage Rose or French Larkspur. These sites always have gorgeous pictures of serene white on white homes with beautiful vintage items all in soothing shades.

I pour through old stacks of Victoria magazines admiring the sophisticated homes with everything just so. I have created weddings with that beautiful cream and white rustic/vintage look. I just adore them!

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Mad Hatter Tea Party

I got to be part of a crazy, fun tea party photo shoot the other day. The Santa Barbara News Press in honor of the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland film that is coming out wanted to stage a tea party in the style of the movie. Ray and Kathy of Village Modern Foods came up with some great whimsical ideas for the food and I did the decor. We shot it at one of my favorite places, Lotus Land in their Shakespeare garden. The News Press brought out a few kids from the Boys and Girls club to partake of the goodies and we all got dressed up in costumes. Lots of fun AND I got to eat the food! Usually when I create the party I am not there to eat. That happens later when my job is done and I have gone home. I might have to rearrange things in the future… I like eating fancy food!

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Cat tales

3 April 2010

I mentioned earlier when I talked about Nipper (The best tip we ever received!) that I would write about his brothers and sisters, so as promised here they are (some of them). My husband and I are very privileged to run a charity for unwanted cats. We have only in the last couple of months made it official by creating a non-profit organization and establishing a web page and in general organizing ourselves. When we moved onto the beautiful ranch where we live now we discovered a staggering number of feral (wild) cats desperately in need of food and medical attention. Thus began our crash course in cats and unbeknown to us the beginning of our charity. Prior to our hugely expanded family we had only one cat. We basically now live with a herd of somewhere around 40 plus! We have as of now spayed and nuetered 60 plus! For all the details and lots of cute pictures and great stories please visit our web page The Lucky Few. For now here are some snapshots of a few members of our fuzzy family…


Shortly after moving in I found this precious little girl soaking wet, shivering, eyes newly open, only 3 weeks old under a bush positively howling for her mother. There were no other cats around and if I didn’t get her dry and warm soon she was in trouble. I actually let her sit for a bit hoping a mother would show up but no one came so I was it. Not just love but infatuation at first sight! We absolutely delight in her! A few weeks after we found Munchkin we saw this in our back yard! Munchkin’s litter mates. Continue reading

A NEW BLOG HOME FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

I have moved my blog to blogger It is sooooooo beautiful (but then I am definitely biased as I created it)  I do so hope you like it!  It is full of color and pictures and great gadgets and fun design elements and so, so, so much more ME!.   I could never figure out how to create the look I wanted with my old blog… and me being a visual person…  so hugely frustrating!!!.  Here is a peak at the look of the new blog…

PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE all you wonderful followers (whom I could never figure out how to show on this blog but are now front and center on the new blog) please come over and join up! I have also for the first time been able to create a list of blogs that I follow which is so cool! I am thinking about trying to put together my first give-away in honor of my new home so please become a follower on the new blog, read the “give-away” post which I will create today and I will put a fun present together for a lucky follower! See you there! Continue reading

A Magical Merman party

I mentioned a while back an underwater themed-merman party I had the pleasure of creating and I shared with you some of the night shots my husband took.  Well I finally received the CD from the photographer so today I will share with you the rest of the amazing pictures!

The photographer is Jethro Acosta from Infocus Studio in our blog.  His pictures are wonderful… judge for yourself. Continue reading

Terri Windling, untidy desks and the underwater Christmas wedding

I just have to tell you, I am so tickled!  One of my favorite people out there in faery tale land is Terri Windling.  She wrote a book I dearly love called “The Wood Wife”.

It is a wonderful story of a woman who journies to the Arizona desert in pursuit of a poet and his story and finds instead magic and a deep soul changing power.  I highly recommend it!  She also has a lovely blog that covers all sorts of manner of things not the least of which is her art (sort of a cross between Susan Seddon Boulet, Arthur Rackham and Brian Froud) and her life with her husband and silly black hound in Devon, England (does everyone wonderfully touched by the fae live there and can I too… please, please?).  She is blogging a wonderful series called “On Your Desk” and has asked for creative types to send in photos of their “desk”, untidied, as-is, in the middle of the creative process, or however it appears to be.  She has already featured many of my heros like Alan Lee, Charles De Lint, Rima Stains and more.  So… on a whim…  I sent in my desk top (workspace) pictures, as it appears in the middle of the wedding I just did, and…  she put it up on her blog!  How cool is that I ask ya!  Here are a couple of the pictures I sent her but please go and visit her site (and look for the other blog). Continue reading

DP Ranch

Dos Pueblos Ranch is a lovely and unique treasure that I get to call home. It was one of the original ranches when Spain was settling California, called a Royal Rancho. Before that the land hosted one of the largest Native American populations in the central coast. DP has been growing food in some form starting with the local Chumash all the way to the current day where it is largely an Avocado and Cherimoya orchard. It is a magic place to call home and we enjoy sharing it with folks for special occasions on a limited basis. Please inquire for more information and we will happily send you a brochure. For more blogs click here.
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A Magical “Green” Woodland Party…

OK all of my blog friends… get ready for a mega-super long faerie packed post.

Remember a while back when I said I was working on a fund raiser for the Community Environmental Counsel that was to be a faerie themed event? Well I finally got the pictures back…

I feel like a proud parent that is dying to show off pictures of her children… all 100 pictures. So consider yourself warned…

It was held in an outdoor large rotunda of the Fess Parker’s Double Tree resort. We filled this huge space with approximately 250 trees, 400 shrubs and divided it into two spaces, one for cocktails and the other for dinner and dancing. You are looking at the diner area in the front with the stage on the left and the cocktail area to the back on the right, behind the curtain. Continue reading