About Tricia…
Tricia is an event designer in Santa Barbara California. She
fell into the event business after working as a floral designer
for several years. After becoming frustrated by the lack of
cohesiveness and creativity in the overall look of events as
well as the event not always reflecting the personality of
the client she decided to get involved on a bigger scale.

She has been active in various artistic endeavors all her life from working as an interior designer and a merchandiser to owning her own store. She also has a BA in art history with some courses in fine arts. If you are interested Tricia would be happy to design a most magical event just for you.
Tricia says “I believe in magic. Magical things happen everyday if we allow ourselves to see it. My work is to play with the magic and help to create with you a moment in time that is so special, so lovely, that all who are there feel the importance and beauty of the moment. Whatever the occasion, ceremony is important and should be honored. I would like to help you create your special occasion, imbue it with thoughtfulness, love, beauty and magic.

You can reach Tricia at her email triciafountaine@gmail.com